Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 begins...

...with some civilian like Models that I wanted in my collection for special purposes like roleplaying and of course ATZ and Strange Aeons (if I ever find somebody to play with).
These are their Bases, which are the only parts that are already finished.

I made four sets of each two matching themed Bases so that the models fit my Silent Hill table.
From left to right they are sidewalk, road, hospital/bathroom, wooden floor. This time I decided to paint the Bases seperately from the models to see if that's easier or more difficult.

So here are the models themselves in various states of completion. As you can see I glued them on simple Bases for painting purposes. The models are two sets from the Roadkill line from Westwind Productions and are called "Zombie Hunters" (Link) and "Detectives in tactical body armour" (Link)

This is the model that is nearest completion, just some finishing touch ups and the face are missing.
Btw: I'm sorry for the crappy pics, I took them on the fly with my phone.
So that's it for today. Still looking for some players for Strange Aeons but it seems like that's a rare thing to find. I'm also looking for an roleplay group that plays "Call of Cthulhu" but that seems to be impossible too around here.

Wish me luck

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