Friday, February 8, 2013

Just trying to live - Just trying to survive!

It's time for another update. If been pretty busy for my standards and finished my eight surviver models. So without further yaddayadda here they are

First the groupshot and then all of the guys in spotlight.






 Johnny "Red"


In addition I built some paper model cars for scenery purposes

I like them and combined with the survivors, some Monsters and already built houses it could probably look like this.

Pretty cool. Now I just need someone to start a game with me.
Next thing is to finally paint Bob. He is already waiting base coated on the painting desk.
But that may take a while since I got Dead Space 3 yesterday and it already caught me up badly.
Btw.: It's awesome!



  1. Good group, I especially like Clint!

  2. Really looking cool mate! The last picture with everything together...Well done.

    Now play some games!!

  3. Looking good, Hanna And Clint really stand out for me.
    Where do the figures and vehicles come from ?

    1. The models are from westwind productions from the roadkill range. Fist set is named "zombie hunters" and the other is named "detectives in tactical body armor". They have several more sets also some with bikers.
      The cars are from an papercraft page from russia but i don't know the pagename anymore, gonna post some infos about such stuff as soon as i have more info about.