Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mike Mayhem is here!

I'm pretty productive these days. Finally finished Mike who has been laying around on my painting desk since ages. Guess he's pretty lucky now even if he doesn't show it. On with some pics:

I'm very happy on how he turned out. Damn, just realized that I forgot to paint the holes on the guns...
Also did some additional interiours for my houses, maybe I show them later


Edit: I just saw that it's exactly a year since I started painting him. He reached "finished" state on his 1 year anniversary on valentines day... what's wrong with that guy?


  1. ooh! I like this gribbly mechanical monstrosity...

    do you run it as anything or is it just a rather cool display piece?

    1. Thanks.
      I'm gonna use him as Mortician Vampire in our Carnage games mostly but there will surely occure other games where I can use him.