Monday, February 11, 2013

Paper scenery

I had the question where those paper cars are from so I'm gonna give you some links today from where I found some pretty cool stuff.

First there's a Blog named Papermau (link). Here you can find new paper stuff daily. Most isn't useful for tabletop but there are few good things from time to time. It's worth a look.

The other big site is Ninjatoes papercraft weblog (link). Similar to the blog above but with much more useful stuff like cars, busses etc etc. It has even a linkpage where you can select categories you want to search (link)
The cars I built are from a webpage from russia called Vladsity (link). I printed them in 80% size and that seems to fit perferct for 28mm models.

If you have some more links regarding that topic please share them with me in the coments below.



  1. Thanks for the links, I view the papermau site regularly and there is a vast amount of vehicles on it (use the site search function), but I hadn't seen either of the other two site, thanks for the links.

    1. You're welcome.
      Yeah I realised this as soon as I posted this^^
      Thanks for the note.


    and this is tommygun's new site

    1. Thanks for the links!
      Totally forgot to post Tommyguns stuff. It's just great.