Tuesday, May 31, 2011

El autobus es rojo!

Hola y chicas y chicos!
I had my annual staff appraisal these days. Nothing bad about it but I was still a little drunk from the regular meeting with my pals we have each week. It's like a thirsty thursday but on monday.
During this staff appraisal I was asked what my opinion is about further training and stuff. I said I'm not really excited about going back to school again but I toy with the idea of learning spanish. I still have no idea why I came up with this idea.
So now I'm doing a spanish class paid by my company.
It didn't start yet but I already learned some stuff which is very useful (more or less)

Lárgate! (Get along!)
Tengo diarrea (I have diarrhea)
and my favourite
El autobus es rojo (The bus is red)

Oh did I mention that I don't need spanish for my work?

I know this has nothing to do with modeling but I just wanted to tell you this odd little story.
Maybe it gives you a similar smile like the one I still get when thinking about this.


  1. Take the calls, get the knowledge and put it on your resume for your next job!

  2. Poor Franics. Hope you get well quickly my friend and it's not this EHEC virus that's going round here in Germany.

    Yeah Mike that's the plan... and going to Spain for the next holiday trip ; )