Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's get personal

Some time ago Brian over at A Gentleman's Ones talked about pseudonyms and how silly they are if you introduce yourself in real life with them. I really thought about that for a while and I came to the result that he is absolutely right.
I choose "Freakazoid" a long time ago when I started my career as an online personality within several chat rooms and stuff (yes I was very young) and the pseudonym just remained over the years. In my case it's a little different to Brian as I'll probably never meet any of you in real life because most of you life too far away.
I'm just way too old now for being Freakazoid. It was a fun series when I was a kid but those days are gone and I don't need to hide behind such an pseudonym anymore. I'm also no blue skinned guy wearing a pyjamas.

So my name is Oli and I am lazy and distracted. Pleased to meet you.


  1. Pleased to meet you Oli, my name is Francis but I am angry and a lurker:D

  2. Pleasures all mine Oli. My online moniker is Tony Van Helsing but my real name is Fraser.

  3. Hey Oli, .. I am Mike.. and I am above average in stature. ;)