Friday, May 6, 2011

Manhole covers and Blog styling

I made these just do detail my road tiles a little. They are made of spare plastcard pieces that are leftovers from a movement tray I built some time ago. Fortunately I didn't throw them away so now they make quite good manhole covers.

Now they just get glued onto the tiles and thats about it. They a little high but with the added structure sauce it should be nearly plain. Got only one road tile more to glue and another one that is already drying. So maybe I get them done soon.

As you might have noticed I fooled around with the layout of my blog. I was unsatisfied with its look and now I added a little picture with a collection if my working pieces and my distractions as background and I really like it (right now). Maybe I have found my final look. Hope you like it.


  1. That backdrop looks right and suits the 'getting work done' mood here. The text is a little more difficult to read, but the photos really stand out.

    The manholes look cool. The project just gets better.