Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I made these guys as an kill team for a game that I'm going to play this evening. Unfortunately they are far away from completion but they are in a playable stadium....more or less. Just hadn't enough time to get them done completely.

They are based on Space Marines with some Imperial Guard backpacks, Khorne Berserker chainswords, Ork shootaz and some small bits from various SM and IG sprues. The heads are "German Gas Mask Heads" of the "Secrets of the Third Reich" range from Westwind Production.

Maybe I add some additional sleeves where the weapon and arm touch each other, because right now it looks a little strange to hold those weapons easily underslung your arm. But this has to wait until the game is over.

For painting I use the same colour scheme as I used for my Dreadnought, my Grenadier Sergeant and my KVII.
I first painted the models rusty with Vallejo Light Rust, then brushed some parts with Vallejo Dark Rust and GW Boltgun Metal with a layer of GW Flesh Wash. Then used I used the masking fluid and after that I painted the models with GW Fortress Grey as Field Grey. Leather details are done with GW Snakebite Leather and metal parts are done with GW Boltgun Metal. After all basic colours have been applied I did a layer of watered down GW Chaos Black. (I just don't have any Badab Black Wash) And that's how far I came, I promise to get them done the next few days and post some pics of the finished versions.



  1. Nice. They look like they'd fit in well in Incursion too.

  2. They're looking better and better.