Friday, September 2, 2011

Old School Day

Today I read this article over at Santa Cruz Warhammer and liked it so much that I decided to copy the idea and show off my old school stuff to indulge in the long gone good times.
First I have to say that I wasn't playing Warhammer from the first day and got all my Rogue Trader era stuff from ebay.
And so today I start with the Rogue Trader Rulebook back from 1990.

I have to admit I never played with this rules but I read that book several times and all I can say that the system was a lot more complicated (very similar to 2nd edition 40K what I played a lot) than that of today but I guess that made the system so intressting and fun to play. It had a lot of little details like creating mutants with random tables and a whole lot of other stuff. But now on with some pics.

Unfortunately my copy is a little damaged as you can see and each time I open it more pages get loose. It seems I have to get myself another copy that's in better shape.

Full of old school model shots. Marines, Dreadnoughts, Eldar and races that aren't found in the actual versions of 40K: Squats, Slann and Zoats. Oh and the Imperial Battle Droids.

Dreadnought suits were not only looking different but also working quite different back then.

Old school Psi forces.

Weapon shots and some Artwork.

The fortress of the Space wolves in detailed sketch.

The last picture is quite interessting. If you look closely you can probably see that the box with the Marines came with 30 models including special and heavy weapons. The Ork Raiders Box had 17 metal models, which four of where personalities and additional 13 Ork troopers with bolters. That makes also 30 models. And now eat the price: 9.95£!
Aaaaah sweet memories...

I can only recommend everyone of you that is interested in 40K background and history to get a copy of this because it's full of awesome stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time. Let's see what the next digging brings up.



  1. Aaah...those were the days. I have marines in my drawer from that age...And a dread I think.... Squats...

  2. Sweet. I just have some Chaos Marines and several Fantasy Chaos Champions from that time but none Imperial Marine or Guard.

  3. One of the wilder things about the RT version of the game was the psychic phase. You could change the allegiance of squads of your opponents' forces, and combined with teleport and another wicked power called "temporal distort" which allowed you to repeat any part of your turn (like psychic phase for example) and you take over your foes' entire army on turn 1. Ahhh....those were the days!!