Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lickers pt.2

My thumbs are healed and I had some time to make progress one the Lickers. I filled gaps with GS, basecoated them black and gave them a coat of GW Red Gore. Some may ask now "Why is he converting Bloodletters to monsters that don't are Bloodletters but then paints them red, just as Bloodletters?"
The answer is quite easy. I want to paint them in a skin tone and while most tutorials for painting flesh use a first coat of brown I use a first coat of red. It's because I take nature for reference and below our skin there is blood and flesh that is red and not brown. I used this technique already on the Pendulums, Urien Rakarth and Burned Alessa and I was all pleased with the results .

After the red I gave them a coat of GW Dwarf Skin. As you may see the paint is a little rough on some areas but that's no problem that washes can't cover. And yes I only got nine of them, the tenth is missing somehow. Either I lost him or I gave him away. Maybe I get the missing one from ebay or such.

Next step will be painting the cable on the back rusty, the tongue with GW Blood Red and then it's time for the first washes and inks.