Friday, July 24, 2009


This is a Groupshot I made before finishing the Sniffer Dogs. Except of the white Background the whole look comes along nicely.


  1. This is realy very kool looking foward to seeing more pic, will you be doing any nurse on a diffent note would you be intersed in selling any mins or in comption work.


  2. Hey thanks. Nurses are in the make. I am little further than this Blog tells. Just didn't have the time to upload all progress... well and I was too lazy.
    I won't sell any of the first ones I did/do but to be honest I already thought about selling them in ebay or some as fan-toys or something like that. What would you be interested in?

  3. I dont mine if there not painted

  4. Which ones do you wanna have? And how many of them?