Friday, July 24, 2009

Planning the City (gaming table)

As I explained in the first post I am going to build a gaming table that fits in theme to my army. I played a lot of SH2 and SH3 to get more informations about hte looks of the buildings and then I thought about what kind of buildings I want to have in my city later. I decided to go with 6 living with 2 floors each, a Gas station, a Grocery, a Restaurant and as center pieces the Achemilla Hospital with all 4 floors and the Blue Creek Appartments with all 3 floors. This is a really big plan since I want to build the city with complete interior and street lights. I also think about adding fog generators to fill the complete city with fog. Would be great to play in the dark in a city with only the street lights on and overwhelmed with fog.

Here is the first plan I made.

It turned out that the first plan was totally unusable. All buildings were to small so I made another try. And this is the final Version. All measurings are perfect now. By the way the table will be about 2mx1m.

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  1. Any chance of seeing a better image of your layout.
    Would like to use it for my WWG stuff I am building.