Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They are coming for me!

Who wouldn't fear those creatures? Mainly because they are made from your own nightmares and guilt feelings. Oh and they are hunting you to torture you eternally. I love them!
So this it is my Armylist, it’s the 40K version but in Fantasy it’s mostly the same. The brackets are the “count as” units. They are not fixed so if I want to play an army only with Bloodletter then all are “count as Bloodletter”. I originally thought about the monsters of Silent Hill and what they could be in the Warhammer world. So the list below came together. It's not the best combination but I'm more into background relating the army than making the ultimate winning army. I just want to see my little friends staggling over the battlefield to make somebody suffer. Daemons just wanna have fun!
For 40K it’s about 2500 points and for fantasy about 3000 points.


Alessa (Herald of Slaanesh)

Mary (Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin)

Walter (Herald of Khorne)


10 Nurses (Daemonettes)

10 Mannequins (Plaguebearers)

10 Numb Bodies (Horrors)

10 Scrapers (Bloodletter)

3 Wheel Chairs (Nurglings)


3 Siams (Fiends of Slaanesh)

3 Insane Cancers (Beast of Nurgle)

5 Robby the Rabbit (Flamers)


10 Sniffer Dogs (Fleshhound)

10 Pendulums (Furies)


Pyramid Head (Daemon Prince)

Samael (Daemon Prince)

Scarlet (Soulgrinder)


  1. Just came to the site, and that is a pretty amazingly disturbing concept you have going on there. Nice job.

  2. Thanks dude. I do my best to get it as weird as much. Visited your blog also (and now following it ;)

  3. All in all, I think it's a pretty sweet project. I'm hacking at daemons here and there as a conversion project, but this far and away is cooler than what I've got.

    plus, there's just something about slapping down a giant Pyramid Head on the table...