Monday, July 27, 2009

Nurses pt.1.1 - Building

They had to be in the Army. So I made my thoughts about how to do them. Here are the templates.

First I thought about using Escher models for it but soon I realized that it would be too expensive and the base models where too hard work to recut and stuff. I looked around and around and then GW released the plastic Daemonettes. Huzzaaaah! That's it! I bought a box of them and did some cutting and testing just to realize that I have to buy another box of them. Why? They have 2 different leg styles. One normal human style and one beast-ish style. For the Nurses I need the human style and there aren't 10 of them in the box. I had to cut much material off like the clawed legs and the skirt thingie. The heads are made with Greenstuff similar to those from the Pendulums. Still have much to do like modelling the boobs the remaining heads, the feet, the shoes. Btw I'm making high heels for them.

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