Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bunker Board Project pt.2.1 - Painting the rust

So I started painting my little bunker board. As you already know I am lazy and so I didn't take any pictures from structuring with the sand/glue/black paint mixture I used, also no pictures from drybrushing with codex grey and no pictures from first layer of vallejo light rust. But I managed to take some pictures from the actual look with added boltgun and flesh wash. Next step is some vallejo dark rust followed by another soft layer of light rust again. The plan is to get those two layers done today. Maybe I also get it done to water some light rust down to add some further rust that should look like it runs down some walls from the pipes. The next step would be to paint the small cracks in the floor with some green to look like algae which I want to fill up with some water effect to look like puddles. I also wanna add some algae to the walls to represent high air humidity inside the bunker. After that I plan to paint the skulls that are laying around in some of the tiles. This is followed by adding the water effect stuff and finallly those tanks which I plan to be filled with some stuff, maybe some bodies from experiments or similar.


  1. He beats me to it every time. I can only echo the sentiments - good work!

    There's an eerie atmosphere of age and abandonment. You can imagine the twitchiness of the players who get to explore it.