Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bunker Board Project pt.2.2 - Painting algae/moss

So it is my first day of the Christmas holidays and I was not as lazy as I thought I would be.
I painted another layer of rust onto the rusty parts, painted the walls with green algae/moss. Here's what came out. The pics are taken with flash so the green looks brighter as it is in real life.

What would a bunker be without heavy duty metal doors? The one on the right is the master built and the others are resin copies. As you can see I have eleven of them right now but I plan on having about twenty in the end. Most of them still have mold lines and excessive parts that need to be cut of and sanded dow but I will do that if I have all of them casted to make it in one go.


  1. The green gives it a humid, smelly feel - perfect!

    Those doors are ideal too, for the proportions and feel of the whole.

  2. This is going to be a fantastic gameboard once you've finished. I'm really impressed with all the detail modeled onto each section. Looks great so far, nice work!