Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bunker Board Project pt.1 - Building

This is my project that I want to have finished until end of this year.
A bunker gaming board with about 15 tiles if finished. I always wanted to have a such a gaming board and as I found this around the internet I knew that this is it.
It will only be suitable for skirmish games but as me and my gamer friends usually play skirmish games it's perfect.
Unfortunately I didn't make any pictures during building the several tiles but I have another 6 or 7 undone and I promise I will take some pictures during making them. So these are the first 9 tiles built and ready for a structure paint. One of the tiles holds some LEDs (the one with the clear tubes) and another one has built in speakers so you can connect you mp3 player or cell phone and listen to music during wargaming.

Credit where credit is due:
I got inspired to this board from Gregory Privat who made one of these for the Incursion game. Dude I have to thank you for building such an awesome board and for inspiring me to build my own.
Here you can take a look at his version.

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  1. Incredible! It looks like it would be tremendous fun to play on... I'm jealous. Great idea for a project, best wishes on getting it all finished.