Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Double Darn You Games Workshop!

You may rememer when I told about my experience of placing an order at Games Workshop. For those who don't remember, you can read it here.
This is the sequel post because after waiting for 18 days the delivery still didn't arrive. The status on the order overview still said it is in progress but I didn't see any progress. So I called the mailorder. Again. Serendipitously I had the same guy on the phone that promised me last time he would check the status and send me an email. Well I think it's unnecessary to mention that I never received an email. Nevertheless I asked him where my delivery is and so he checked the order. He found out that someone just didn't took the order from ordering to shipment after the cash arrived. I told him that this is a great idea in making money but has nothing to do with customer friendlyness. He agreed. He promised me to fix all that and that the delivery will be shipped the same day and he will send me an email when everything is done... I told him that I am totally excited to receive an email from him since he promised me the same thing the last time we talked. If I would have seen his face I think he would have blushed.
A little time later I checked my orders again and found out that the original one was cancelled and another one was created. Also received an (automatic) email that my delivery is on the way.
The only thing that bugs me a little is that the new order has also the 25€ value and I am curious if the grab the cash a second time. Then I would have paid 50€ for a delivery that originally should have costed me 5€ and I would have to call mailorder. Again!
Stay tuned on this exciting journey to the wilderness of a Games Workshop online order process.


  1. I haven't dealt with them for a while. I suppose they have the same difficulties as any large organisation in manufacturing and logistics, which is a pity because we have an emotional relationship with them that's less likely with other such companies.

    I hope it works out this time, and I'll be tuned in for the next instalment!

  2. Sure they all have some problems and mistakes happen. But why do they all have to come together with my order?

  3. Well, here's my horror story. I will admit, I've ordered directly before and never had any problems. But this one time, I ordered 2 Space Marine metal veterans, took six months to get to me. I ordered at the store and had it shipped to the store. I basically checked in every month and a half. Took about 4 orders to get it right. Midway through the GW store shut down and moved, but a new one opened up and the manager of that one is a friend of mine. He practically had to jump through hoops to get them, but he eventually got them for me. Wasn't his fault, it's the machine that's the problem.