Friday, December 3, 2010

Restarting the systems

Well it's been a while...
and as you can see some little things have changed. The layout, and more important, the name. As I am doing more than those Silent Hill daemons and I don't want to make a Blog for each projekt (because I am already too lazy for one blog) I gave it the suitable name "lazy and distractet" as this describes perfectly how I am working on my projects. After I started a project I soon loose the motivation and so it lays around for ages but this doesn't stop me from starting a new project and so I have a bunch of stuff laying around unfinished. This doesn't mean I don't finish anything but it takes it's time.
So what have I done in the last year? Well I made some progress on my Silent Hill stuff but also finished some smaller projects that I will show here in the next days. Rest of the time I spent developing a game system which two friends of mine and this also takes a lot of time with writing, creating rules and game testing.
I also started a new model project which I want to finish to the end of this year. Yeah I know that sounds fantastic and utopian but it seems that I really get it done.
So stay tuned for the next update with pictures.

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