Thursday, June 16, 2011

Distraction of the Day - Horror Creed

It's a week since the last distraction and today it's a very similar thing than last week. I didn't do any Hobby related yesterday because I spontaneously joined my brother at going to the Misfits concert here around.

Although the guys have gotten really old they still rocked the shit out the place. We really had a good time. Beer, Girls and Rock N Roll. What more do you need?

Addtionally there was a package waiting from Amazon as I came home today containing the last game of my order: Assassin's Creed 2. Damn. This means I will start it as soon as I finished Dead Space 2 what will be in the next 2 days or such. The only Hobby related thing I can say is that this evening will be gaming time. I hope I get some Zombies progress this weekend. Maybe during watching Dawn of the Dead.

Rock N Roll!


  1. Girls, beer and zombie movies, can't be bad?

  2. That's true Francis. I put that on my list for the weekend.