Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zombies on sticks

Between finishing God of War 3 and starting Dead Space 2 I did the first steps on the Zombie makeover. Can't believe I really keep on track.

Those are the first few I want to repaint. The sprue parts are for painting since I want to put them on "horde" bases and paint them before I glue them onto the bases to make sure I have all parts painted. The base in the top right is such a horde base. I plan on basing four Zombies per base. Okay it's not really a horde but I have twelve of them and I don't want to use just a sheet of plastcard because of the height difference to other models. Already did the first Greenstuff works and next is priming. Still have to do some body bag Zombies.



  1. Looking pretty good. Good idea to put them on a stick like that. Will be damn near impossible to paint when they are grouped together on the base.

  2. Looking very good, nice idea that, keep it up Oli.