Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zombies unleashed

I been very lazy the last two weeks and did nearly nothing model related except of gaming. The Zombies are still laying at the same place like last week and Bob is still in his Blister. I blame Ezio Auditore da Firenze. To give you something to look at during my period of laziness I have a picture that we took during one of our last games.

You see those two models way in the back standing with their backs to that Necromunda tower thing? The left one is the character of my friend and the right one was the last remaining Todbringer. All other models on the picture are obviously Zombies that wanted to eat our brains and guts. While my Todbringer wasn't fast enough to escape the Zombie horde and got ripped apart my friends model escaped this death trap. Well there are days on which you loose and days on which the others win.

Additionally my friends and I are planning to do something like those "Tale of X gamers" things, because we are sick of our old models and want to force us to get some new done. I'll tell you about details when everything is set up


  1. No blaming Assassins Creed, that's like me blaming Call of Duty: Black Ops new map packs being released:P

  2. Daaauuuummm!!!!! A bit of trouble you might say...

    Stillll It looks fantastic!!!!