Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rusty Rudekiller

All of you who thought I would spend all time on the PS3 with my new games: In your face!
I finished another model. This is Rusty.

I used the masking technique again but this time the other way round. I wanted him to look like an old rusted metal undead and am pretty pleased with the result. Also added some Pigments this time, the only thing missing on the pics is the Gore on the chainsawblade.

Now back to gaming.

Cheers and happy weekend.


  1. From Cryx right?

    Must say he looks reaally great!!! I have a khador faction, though it has been quite some time since I last used them on the table!!!

    Do a small highlight on his robe...if I may add a little something...

  2. I don't play Warmachine but love the Cryx models.
    Actually the red lines are already the highlighting, in real it looks much better and you see that the black areas are a very black washed red but maybe I just some lighter lines of red.

  3. AHA! Bigger pic....then I could see it. Sorry mate.