Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blue Creek Appartement pt.1.1 - The First Floor

Here's how far I am with the Blue Creek Appartement. It differs a little from the original in the games, mainly the stairwells and the entry halls but that's about it. Tried to build all Appartements just like in the game what is kind of difficult as you only see about two or three rooms of the Building but I think I can go with that. Here is the view from the top.

And some close ups from several Appartements.

Finally a scale shot with some models so you get an idea how big that thing is.

If all three floors are finished later on you could play a game only within this building. It's about 1,20m x 0,5m footprint and will use about 1/3 of the final gaming table. The only building that will be bigger is the Brookhaven Hospital that is next on my list after finising the first half of the table. If I ever finish the whole project I already made a scale sketch for the Lakeview Hotel which also would be a great addition to the gaming table, but with a footprint of 1,40m x 1m (and three floors) even bigger as the Appartement Building. I guess I have enough work for the next three years.
Oh and by the way: The Dreadknight arrived last Tuesday and I already started assembling it. It's a great kit and I will soon show some progress shots with conversion notes. Finally it arrived before the MDF, so I lost my bet.
And to finish this Post a little ambience picture.

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  1. As gamers, I think many of us dream of this. Astounding, and you're making incredible speed!