Saturday, April 9, 2011

Massive Killing Capacity - Some more chainsaw loving

I was quite busy in the last few days. Besides working ont he Silent Hill gaming board I painted this guy. The basic model is a Cynwall Nova Construct from Rackham, the head is from a Tyranid Gaunt, the Machineguns are from the Imperial Guard vehicle sprues and the Chainsaw is built from several 40K Chainswords.

With this model I tried out some new techniques. Well at least new to me. I firstly painted the whole model rusty, then I added some masking fluid on those spots where I wanted the paint of the armour to be chipped and then I tried something completely new to me: painting a model colourful. In this case I tried myself on turquoise with a contrast of GW Tin Bitz. After the first coat of turquoise I wasn't very satisfied, it just looked odd to me to have a colourful model. But after some black and flesh wash I loved it. On the chainsaw I also used the masking fluid. Painted it Metal, masking it and then added the yellow and black stripes. At last I used Tamiya Clear Red for the bloody decoration on the chainsw and on some part of the armour. I am completely satisfied with the result and can't wait to field this beautiful monster. Here are some more pics from different angles: