Friday, April 8, 2011

Living Houses pt.1.3 - Status

These are the four Living Houses for the first half of the gaming board. There are two more to go for the second half but those are on hold until the first half is finished. All floors are already detailed, what was quite a pain with all those little cardboard pieces, and the green areas are gras mats that shall look like carpet if they are painted once.

On the right one I tested some structure spray but it's quite unsatisfying and so I gonna paint all with my structure sauce. And yes your eyes don't lie, I'm gonna glue printed wallpapers onto the walls of every room. So next they are up to get the MDF base and the base coating.

P.S.: GW order still missing...


  1. Good luck with that, a lot of work to be done but the end result looks like it will be worth it.

  2. You must be tired of cutting cardboard, very impressive though!

    Why not suggest to GW you pick the order up yourself? lol!

  3. It's amazing detail for such a large project. I admire the hard work too.