Monday, April 11, 2011

Grocery pt.1 - Status

Not much for today, just a pic of the Grocery Store and how it looks like right now. The only thing I asked myself after finishing the interior was "Where the hell is the storage room?" but I guess this is a organic grocery store and they are only selling fresh stuff. Phew! Fluff gap closed.

Just placed the order for the MDF today, let's see when it will arrive. By the way: I called the GW Mailorder and asked where my order is and the guy just said that regarding to his computer it has been sent to me. He supposed that the delivery service has lost it and promised me that they will send another one that will arrive in the middle or at the end of this week... I bet the MDF will arrive before the GW order. Two fails out of two orders. Quite a bad rate.

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  1. Just have a Krispy Kreme lorry out the back delivering in the loading bay.